Production Lead Time

Supply chain disruptions and labor shortages have had an impact on the closet industry.
We are currently expecting lead times of 35 business days for most storage systems.

Orders ship in 12 to 22 business days depending on color, door style and accessory choices. (Special Order vs Stock)

Door/Drawer Options:
12 Day lead time :         
 ● Flat/Slab 
 ● Carolina 5 Piece Shaker Style 

15 Day lead time:  
 ● All other drawer/door fronts 

Drawer Box Options: 
12 day lead time: 
 ● Miter Fold 

22 day lead time: 
 ● All dovetail options (Birch & Maple) 

Glass & Mirror* Doors: 12 day lead time 

*Doors with glass or mirror insets will arrive pre-installed. Flat mirrored doors will arrive with the door prepped for installation with J-mold and double sided tape. The mirror will be sandwiched between scrap panels for shipping. The mirror will have to be installed by the dealer using the provided tape and mirror mastic only (sourced by the dealer). Use of anything other than mirror mastic (e.g. silicone or caulk) will cause the mirror to deteriorate over time and will void the warranty on the mirror.

● Soft close or ball bearing options for drawer boxes will not affect lead times. Those are stock items.

● If a situation arises that causes special order parts to not be available within the expected time frame, dealers will be notified as soon as possible. This is a rare occurrence.

● Any design changes made after an order has been placed will restart the lead time clock for that order.

● Any custom engineering required will add 2 business days to the lead times (ie. Custom cutouts, design characteristics that cannot be drawn within the design software, etc.)

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