Design Tips

⦿ Closets, Pantries, Mud rooms, Office Spaces and Garages can be designed as floor mount (Units touch the floor and have a recessed toe kick area on the bottom front) or wall mount (Units are suspended by hanging rails that are attached to the wall).

⦿ Any design or any unit within a design can be changed from floor mount to wall mount or wall mount to floor mount at any time during the creation of a design. Designs can also “mix” floor mount and wall mount units.

⦿ Garage spaces can be designed for wall mount application provided they do not exceed 16” in depth. Double partitions (Vertical panels) must be used for increased weight capacity as garages often are used for heavier item storage.  

⦿ Garage units that exceed 16” in depth require feet that must be purchased as accessories. (These feet cannot be applied within the design). They must be designed utilizing double partitions (Vertical panels) and backs so each section can be individually assembled and installed (Garage installation methods are slightly different than Closet, Pantry, Mud room and Office space installation methods). Garage units should not be designed to have a toe kick as they should never touch the floor due to potential moisture issues. Designing garage units to touch the floor voids the warranty. 

⦿ Wall to wall spaces are manufactured ½” smaller than the dimensions entered into the design (1/4” leeway on each side) in order to account for potential factors such as warped studs or corners that are not an exact 90-degree angle). Enter exact wall to wall dimensions when doing a design. 

⦿ Perfect Spaces units are set at default settings of 14” deep and 87” high. These default settings can be changed at any time when creating a design. 

⦿ Because our delivery crate is 95” in length we recommend designing spaces with maximum top shelf height of 87”. When more height is desired this can be achieved by adding upper (Stackable) units to the design. Stackable units can be any height desired up to 87” thereby allowing the space to achieve virtually any desired height up to 174”. 

⦿ Double-Hang Areas: Allot 40” height for each hanging area to avoid clothes from dragging below. 

⦿ Single Hang: 72” hanging area suitable for long “to the floor” dresses or long coats.   

⦿ Mid Hang: 60” hanging area suitable for long jackets and similar length items. 

⦿ Shelf spacing is adjustable. We recommend 12" to 14" between shelves, however, it is not uncommon to see larger spacing for storage of items that require more height.

⦿ Shoe Shelves: Should be 7-9” tall for average shoes to fit 

⦿ Full Shelf sections: Typically have 11-12 shelves per 87” section 

⦿ Shoe fence standard lengths are 18, 24, and 30". If any other shoe fence width is required shoe fences must be cut by the dealer/installer on site.

⦿  Standard drawer widths are 18, 24, 28, and 32". Custom widths are available. 

⦿  Standard drawer depths are 12, 14, 16, 18, and 22". Custom drawer depths are not available.   (Important note, the 24" deep office drawer bases get 22" deep drawer glides) 

⦿ Islands must be designed with backs. This includes double sided islands.

⦿ Units that have multiple doors, where doors are hinged side by side should be designed with a double partition (Vertical panel) to insure stability and full opening of the doors.

⦿ If the cost on your design suddenly jumps to millions of dollars it means you have asked for something that is not available in the program at its current settings. (This commonly occurs with shoe fence hardware choices and baseboard notching behind a drawer bank)

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