Mandatory Receiving Requirements

Mandatory steps for receiving a shipment and ordering replacement parts

  1. INSPECT: Visually check crate(s) for damage. 

  2. DOCUMENT ANY DAMAGE: If the crate appears to be damaged, Take close up and wide angle shots that clearly show the damage to the crate. Write a note on the Bill of Lading that says “Crate damage/product damage”. This will assure that you are not charged for replacement items within a damaged crate.
    *Note Do not refuse delivery if crate is damaged; replacement parts can be easily ordered for any damaged items within the crate.
  3. SIGN BOL: Sign Bill of Lading(BOL)/Delivery Receipt(DR). Keep one copy and save it for future reference if needed and allow the driver to leave.

Opening Your Shipment

This video will show you what to do when your order arrives.

Ordering Replacement Parts

This video will show you how to order a complete closet replacement or individual  replacement components for your closet.

If Warehouse Distributors USA provided/arranged the shipping and items are damaged, Warehouse Distributors USA will provide replacement parts at no charge provided that the following steps are followed: 

  1. Take a wide angle picture of the damaged Item(s) that clearly shows the damage
  2. Take a close-up picture of the label that is located on the item(s). 
  3. Send order number, pictures and a list of how many of each item needed to

*If dealer has provided/arranged the shipping and items are damaged within a damaged crate - it is up to the dealer to purchase the necessary replacement parts.
See this video on how to order replacement parts.

*Dealer has 15 days from time of delivery to report any crate damage or product damage found within the crate.

*Only 1 “No Charge” replacement claim can be submitted for each order, so please have all information on the same request.

*We cannot provide freight damage replacement parts at no charge if you do not write “Crate damage/product damage” on the BOL/DR. 

IMPORTANT- The driver cannot leave until you have signed the BOL/DR – take the time to notate crate damage on the Bill of Lading before you sign it. If the driver leaves your location and you have signed the BOL/DR with no additional notes, you are stating that your crate has arrived in good/acceptable condition! 

Freight Damage Claim Form

Download this form if your shipment arrived with visible damage to pallet contents.

Concealed Damage Claim Form

Download this form if damage was not visible until product was unpackaged.

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